KMART: Double Coupon event.,.... $2.00 coupon = $4.00 off!!

KMart is going to bring back there $2.00 coupon doubling event!! There are rumors that this will begin on 12/16 (friday) Where $2.00 coupon will be doubled to $4.00 coupons!

Once I am able to confirm this I will let you know.

Click HERE for a list of the stores that will be participating in the event.


Sam_Stacy said...

do you if this will be at every K-Mart or just your local one. Thanks for the info.

Jeanna Childers said...

How would we check to see if this will also be at our local KMart. The nearest Kmart is an hour away from me but I do have to go to that town on Friday and I would love to go "prepared" lol.

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