FACEBOOK CHANGES....... Possibly missing deals, coupons and freebies!!

As you might have noticed Facebook has changed the news feed, yet again!! It appears that you might not be seeing the most up-to-date posts from So Cal Coupon Mommy, or other people. Because of this recent change on facebook, you will probably miss deals and hot coupons.

Frugally Thrifty has come up with a possible solution so that you only see the updates that you WANT to see, hopefully that will include So Cal Coupon Mommy and GREAT deals, freebies, and more!

It might work out to be a good thing, seeing as you can select who you want to see things from and who you dont, including companies that you had to "like" to get a coupon or sample. Click HERE to take a look at what you need to do to make these changes.


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